Invited Presentations

Sellie, Alycia. “Ebooks with DRM are not Books: Arguments Against Purchasing Restricted Texts for Libraries.” Pratt Institute Libraries, 19 February 2020.

Sellie, Alycia. “Patron Tracking, Ebooks, and The Right to Read.” Digital Rights in Libraries. San Francisco, 29-30 June 2015.

Morrone, Melissa, Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Bonnie Tijerina and Alycia Sellie. “Libraries, Digital Privacy, & Data Literacy.” Techno Activism Third Mondays. ThoughtWorks, Inc. 15 June 2015. Audio recording.

Sellie, Alycia. “Meta-Radicalism: The Alternative Press by and for Activist Librarians.” As part of the LACUNY 2013 Grace Ellen McCrann Memorial Lecture. LaGuardia Community College, 12 Nov. 2013.

Sellie, Alycia. Panelist, “Creative Non-Fiction on the D.I.Y.” CUNY Chapfest. CUNY Graduate Center, 3 May 2013.

Sellie, Alycia. “Fold, Staple, Share: The Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection.” Metropolitan New York Library Council Annual Meeting. Baruch College, 15 Jan. 2013.

Sellie, Alycia, Mariana Regalado and Helen Georgas. “Teaching Research Skills in a Classroom Context.” Brooklyn College Center for Teaching. Brooklyn College, 20 Sept. 2012.

Sellie, Alycia. “On Entering MALS to Fulfill a Needed Professional Credential.” Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Fall 2012 New Student Orientation. CUNY Graduate Center, 24 Aug. 2012.

Sellie, Alycia, and Matthew Goins. “The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle.” Metropolitan New York Library Council [Webinar], 27 July 2011.

Sellie, Alycia, and Matthew Goins. “The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle.” As part of the panel, “Open Access–Activism around the Emerging Issue in Scholarship.” CUNY Open Access Week. Brooklyn College, 18 Oct. 2010.

Sellie, Alycia, and Matthew Goins. “The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle,” as part of the panel, “Electronic Books and Electronic Readers: Emerging Issues and Questions.” LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee. Baruch College, 23 April 2010.

Sellie, Alycia, and Jenna Freedman. “Zines 101.” Queens Public Library, 9 March 2010.

Sellie, Alycia, Emily Drabinski and Susanne Markgren. “Issues Forum: Get Published! Create Your Own (Unconventional) Opportunities.” Metropolitan New York Library Council, 14 Oct. 2009.

Sellie, Alycia. “(Why) Libraries Should Create Zine or Small Press Collections” part of the panel, “Zines: Institutional Collecting, Zine Makers, and the Fine Line of Art.” NY Art Book Fair, Contemporary Artists Books Conference. P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, 3 Oct. 2009.